Your divorce journey can be full of perils. Or it can be the beginning of a healthier life.

You've never been on this journey before. Or if you have, you'd like to travel it differently this time. 
In this ebook, Becky Swanson offers insight into common ways we make our journey harder than it needs to be so that you can avoid them.
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Chart your course according to your values, not your emotions.

  • Divorce is one of the most emotionally difficult things you will do in your life. 
  • Avoid compounding the pain by engaging your rational brain and making good decisions.
  • You can start healing now.
"Becky helped me stay on track through all of the decisions of my divorce. She helped me stay focused and I'm sure saved me money. Even through my busiest season with my small business. I really appreciated the way she listened to what I was feeling and also kept me focused on moving forward. She kept me hopeful."
Carol I.
Small business owner
"Divorce Coaching? Brilliant idea needed by many. I remember you being extraordinarily helpful to me decades ago when I was going through a difficult breakup. You are an empathetic human being who truly cares and you offered guidance and support and helped me through a big life change and I am still grateful decades later! It's your superpower to be a coach, and I will certainly refer you to others."
Jessica R.
J.D., story-teller, and Advocate
Meet the Author

Becky Swanson

Becky guides you toward healing and your full potential in the spiritual, physical, emotional, and cognitive areas of your being.  Sometimes your road to wholeness is hard, but she is ready to guide you through.
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Download the guide so you can avoid these common divorce mistakes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn what others' have learned from their own divorce mistakes. 
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