Personal Coaching Monthly

In many cases, working privately with a professional is the best option. You have my full attention and don't have to share my time with others. 
This is the best form of coaching for those who want to move at their own pace with a focus on their personal needs. 

If you are unsure of which package is right for you, use this link to schedule a 20-minute inquiry conversation.

Access the Wisdom and Accountability You Need to Move Forward

Single Session

One 45-minute session
 Perfect to help you oveercome one specific issue

You can apply the fee to a package if you want more.
  • Identify an issue, set a goal to move past it, and create a plan so you can put it behind you
  • Lay the foundation for future growth for when you are ready to continue. 


2 sessions over 30 days
Set a new direction and pave the way for the future

This package is great for
folx who want to:
  • Clarify your values and goals so you can grow with integrity and focus
  • Overcome 1 or 2 specific barriers that are keeping you stuck
  • Improve 1 area of your leadership so you can have more impact on your world
  • Begin or strengthen your spiritual life so everyday can become more meaningful


10 sessions over 4-months
For accelerating big transformational shifts that last a lifetime
For folx who want the monthly package PLUS two additional sessions.
  • Reorder a large part of your life or work and gain a greater sense of direction
  • Address multiple barriers to thrive in your leadership and increase your influence
  • Plan and begin a large change project to make the most out of your life
  • Increase your skills so you can adapt better when the need arises
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