What if you and your team could go from
"quiet quitting"
to a happier, more engaged team
in just a few conversations?

Most leaders of teams and organizations (even families!) who struggle with getting cohesive action from team members want happy, engaged, loyal team that is achieving goals, but there’s a huge problem...
You don't know them well enough to influence them.
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"Powerful Questions for Leaders"
is for you if you want: 

  • more cohesive action from your team
  • to know what is truly motivating them these days (hint: it's more than money!)
  • the ability to match assignments with gifts and interests to get the highest quality end result
  • to be the "leader of choice" in the organization
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The truth is most people give up because it seems impossible these days

You've tried so many things including repeating the same conversations over and over again. But nothing seems to work.

It's not your fault...I know you've tried.

The reality is, without happy, engaged, loyal team mates that are achieving their goals, you'll continue to struggle. And it's not a lack of effort on your part.
The reality is that when your team isn't engaged and achieving goals you will continue to struggle, and it's not a lack of effort on your part...
  • You try by micromanaging but people hate that
  • You repeat yourself over and over and team members just ignore you
  • You might try doing it all yourself and you quickly become overworked and the team will never step up because they know you will eventually do it all yourself
  • You might even try reading all the latest leadership books but implementing the new ideas just never works

And what's worse is...

If you don't improve your influence and ability to lead well now.... you will end up burned out, stressed out, and ready to get out (if you aren't already)

That's why I created "Powerful Questions for Leaders"
for people like you who are responsible for leading groups of stressed, disconnected, on the verge of burnout

even while you, yourself are stressed, disconnected and on the verge of burnout.
You'll be relieved to know that everything you get with "Powerful Questions for Leaders"
isn't going to take weeks or months or cost $THOUSANDS$ of dollars

"Powerful Questions for Leaders"

Five categories of engaging questions, examples, AND a guide for how and when to use them that you don't have to rack your brain over, and can use to:
  • deepen your rapport and relationship with each team member
  • know what truly motivates each person,
  • understand what they see to be their life purpose, and
  • grow to be the leader you were always meant to be --
without micromanaging or over-functioning yourself into burnout.


You were able to deeply listen during conversations more than plan what to say next?

You learn what is really important in the lives of each team member?

You could connect how they can achieve their own goals through your work together?

And, before you know it, you and your team are known for your results and your morale?
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Write your awesome label here.

What if you could...

Know how to build better relationships with your team

Ask powerful questions and listen deeply to the answers creating a happy, engaged, team that met it's goals 

Experience massively less frustration and more optimism

Increase your influence with the highest integrity 

Reduce the power of "imposter syndrome" in yourself

Go from feeling out-of-control, overwhelmed, or burned-out to feeling optimistic, high achieving, and successful
in only a few conversations

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